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Recharge your E! Power Pak from your car, truck or boat.
Designed for use with the E! Power Pak - Recharge using 12v DC (cigarette lighter) outlet from your car, truck or boat in about 2 hours. Forget your 12v Adapter Cord? Simply recharge your E! Power Pak at home using any ordinary wall outlet, or at the campsite using a grounded AC outlet and outdoor extension cord. 4' cord makes connections easier.


  • 4-foot cord allows flexible connection.
  • Durable (male-to-male) connector plugs keep connection secure.  


  • The Adapter Cord should not be used for the initial overnight charge of a new E! Power Pak. For this initial charge be sure to use a 230-volt AC source.

Male to male connector

Item is available.

GBP£ 5.95