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Tent Technology

Tent Technology

Which Model fits your Family?

Select your ideal tent by choosing the standard sleeping room configuration in the table below. Remember the larger your tent the heavier and bigger the pack volume will be. Our series consist of the regular, 4-pole tunnel tents and 3-pole Compact versions. The difference is the length of the tent, The shorter 3-pole versions offer the same spacious sleeping room and optional sleeping rooms. All tents (except for the Wild Basin Series and Lakota) are equipped with a zippable separation wall inside the sleeping area.

Breathable Terylene RipStop Cotton (BTC RS)

- Warm temperatures, best climate inside
- Best UV resistance, robust and flexible

BTC RS is our new and unique breathable technical cotton fabric with ripstop. The 65% polyester / 35% cotton ripstop blend is the ideal balanced mix of synthetic and natural materials. The integrated 0.6mm grid prevents tearing of the fabric. BTC RS has a high color fastness, is shrink proof and extremely robust.

Ripstop Polyester (RS), Taffeta Polyester (TP) and Armatech® Polyester (AP)

- Trekking in variable and inclement weather
- Best space to weight ratio

Eureka!'s polyester family tents are targeted at families who like variation and trekking during their holidays. Next to our high quality Ripstop Polyester with StormShield coating, we have chosen the best materials and DAC’s lightweight aluminium combination poles. The most durable and lightest tent poles available.
RS/TP/AP is the best choice if you want to use your tent for trekking holidays or by camping in bad weather. It is the lightest fabric and it dries very fast. In combination with the excellent ventilation of our Polyester tents it performs very well, taking the lower price of this material into account.

Breathable Terylene Cotton (BTC)

- Warm temperatures, best climate inside
- Best UV resistance

Our breathable TC series is our breathable range of family tents. The fabric has been impregnated by a dirt- and waterrepellent fabric protector, which also protects against mildew. The different characteristics of BTC, led to the choice of DAC’s lightweight “ Press-Fit Poles”. The most durable and lightest tent poles available for family tents.
Between all modern (often superlight) pure synthetic tent fabrics, Breathable TC has that nostalgic feeling. If you look beneath the surface you may find a few good arguments for this material. It all depends how you will use your tent. Cotton swells if it gets wet and seals up in that way. Cotton also has a high UV resistance, that means if you move your basis to the south and the tent will be prone to strong sunlight, you may benefit from the advantages of it. Also, BTC tents have a better inside climate than tents made out of synthetic fabrics as they are 100% breathable.

Tent Pole Production Technology


Sheet Welding

Seamless Extrusion Sheet Welding

In spite of the costs, Eureka! tents only use the best aluminium tent poles with Seamless Extrusion technology, manufactured by the world best tent pole supplier. This technology insures uniform microstructure of aluminium, which lays the foundation of the strong construction of our tents. We DO NOT use the Sheet Welding manufacturing method, because its weakness is a big problem (bending disturbs microstructure, therefore weakens aluminium poles). It is however widely used in producing lower value tent poles because it is a very efficient and economical process.

Tent Pole Types

Press - Fit poles 
Conventional tent poles used to use either glue or crimping for fixing joint / ferrule into the main tube. However, both glue and crimping cause failure sometimes for many different reasons. In order to make sure the joint and the main tube are securely fixed without occasional failure, 'press-fit' method is used. Though it's a difficult method in manufacturing, our supplier successfully manages total +/- 0.01 tolerance of the male and female tolerance for production.
Press Fit
Combination poles
These poles allow different diameter poles to be used without creating stress-riser. This is the most strength - cost effective way of
building a strong large family tent. In selecting different diameter poles to be used, the 'bending stiffness and maximum moment before yielding start' of the poles are carefully calculated and tested.
Original Combi
The first and the original Featherlite series. In order to get the right balance between a main tube and a joint, one end had to be swaged just as much to maintain proper bending stiffness and expand the other end to fit the swaged end in.
Original Featherlite
Featherlite SL 
Featherlite SL is the latest family of Featherlite series. It combines features of original Featherlite, Featherlite SL and a combination pole. Featherlite SL enables RC- Reverse Combi - technology to be applied without creating a weak joint.
Fetherlite NSL
bending test Bending Test